My goal

☆Long Term Goal☆ Continue Forex bloggin for a year!

The ultimate goal is to continue blogging about Forex for a full year.
I always end up giving up writing in a month or a few, thus I would achieve this goal for the last time.

I would love to find partners who can keep working on learning and being successful , especially with people similar to my trading style.

☆Mid Term Goal☆Continue Forex blogging for 30 days!

To make it simple, the mid term goal is a month!
someone once told me that “if you could keep on doing for a month, you can make it a habit.”

I hope I will have a sold trading style with a helpful trading blog.

☆Short Term Goal☆Continue Forex Bloging for 3 times.

I would like to start off with an easy step which is to post 3 articles.
I do not want to post a new page everyday, so I will start with a goal of 3 posts in a week!

I am closing my first ever forex blog with being proud of myself taking an action.

Good Job, UKI

If my English is a little off please tell me how to say things more naturally.

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