Since there was range for a day before breakdown, I wanted to trade in entry for buy or sell. Entry TP/CL Date 08/17/22 4:30pm 08/23/22 6:30pm Rates 0.6981 0.6912 Order Sell +69lot Reason ①Bearish ②1Ⅾ Range ③Breakdown 4hL & DayL UKI If or If , leave a comment below. I would love your opinion or…


USDJPY Entry TP/CL Date 07/28/22 03:30am 08/03/22 02:00am Rates 136.63 132.28 Order Sell +434lot Reason ①Bearish ②1ⅮTrend:UP ③Break down 1ⅮUPtrend&Day Low UKI If please tell me how to say things more naturally. or If, leave a comment below. I would love your opinion or different analysis.:)

My goal

☆Long Term Goal☆ Continue Forex bloggin for a year! The ultimate goal is to continue blogging about Forex for a full year. I always end up giving up writing in a month or a few, thus I would achieve this goal for the last time. I would love to find partners who can keep working…