I’ve waited for the pullback but instead, I went for entries when they had trend reversal. It was a waiting game till Friday night.


I closed some orders that I opened a week before. Other than that, I was just watching most of pairs to pullback.

Weekly 2022/09_4

The JPY Intervention made my positive into a huge loss this week.
Is my trading company bad on slippage or is it same on all trading brokers?
Other pairs that has nothing to do with JPY were carried over to next week.

Weekly 2022/09_3

I lost on 1 trade this week and there was no moment for entry.
USDJPY doesn’t look so good in shape. I should not go in for trade. 
When one pair doesn’t look good then leave it alone and look for a better pair!!!


I wasn’t able to make profit this week even though I made some orders. Not much of movement.
Looking forward to next week! I’m not so sure f USDJPY tho. I think, think! it’s still bullish)


I failed on making an order for pullback on GBPUSD, and couldn’t find a pullback moment on USDJPY.


UKI I ended up getting Cut Loss at wicks after waiting for an entry for a whole week till weekend. This week was bad.. My rule (If it helps) EURUSD Content ①Sentiment Bearish Retesting for a whole week ②1ⅮTrend UP ③Pattern Analysis Sell➯Breakdown 1ⅮUP and ⇒Order★ Buy➯If breakout 4hH line and retest ※Other factors US…


EURUSD Content ①My Sentiment Range Bullish against 4h resistance line. ②1Ⅾ Trend Bullish ③Pattern Analysis Sell➯Rebound @4h Resistance  or UP trend Buy➯ if Breakout @4h Resistance ※Other Factors 8/5 US Unemployment Rate GBPUSD Content ①My Sentiment Bullish ②1Ⅾ Trend Waitng for Retest ③Pattern Analysis Sell➯ Not happening for a while Buy➯Entry☆ if ※Other Factors 8/5…