EURUSD Content
①My Sentiment Range
Turning to Triangle? Wait for a breakout
②1Ⅾ Trend DOWN
③Pattern Analysis Sell➯If breakdown LOW then S&R 
Buy➯If breakout High then S&R 
※Other Factors no?
Watch out for triangle
GBPUSD Content
①My Sentiment Bearish
②1Ⅾ Trend Wait for Retest
③Pattern Analysis Sell➯If 1Ⅾ UPtrend is made, and breakdown day Low 
※Other Factors no?
USDJPY Content
①My Sentiment Bullish
②1Ⅾ Trend wait for retest
③Pattern Analysis sell➯nope
buy➯If 1Ⅾ DOWNtrend is made and breakout High 
※Other Factors No?
Sentiment of 1Ⅾ chart is becoming uncertain.
AUDUSD Content
①My Sentiment Bearish
②1Ⅾ Trend DOWN
③Pattern Analysis sell➯missed entry point
※Other Factors no?

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