Weekly 2022/09_4


The JPY Intervention made my positive into a huge loss this week.
Is my trading company bad on slippage or is it same on all trading brokers?
Other pairs that has nothing to do with JPY were carried over to next week.

EURUSD Content
①Sentiment I thought it was bullish but it turned out to be bearish
②1ⅮTrend UP⇒DOWN
③Pattern Analysis Sell➯ If breakdown 4hL⇒★ordered★ 
※Other factors NONE?
GBPUSD Content
①Sentiment Trend reversal to bearish
②1Ⅾ Trend down
③Paattern Analysis Sell➯ breakdown 1D UP+ DayL&Retest⇒ordered★ 
Buy➯not for a while
※Other Factors No?
USDJPY Content
①Sentiment triangley⇒bullish⇒Intervention
②1Ⅾ Trend
③Pattern Analysis Sell➯?
※Other Factors watch out for now

I made an order in Triangle then breakout… thinking its bullish, but then there was intervention.
I got cut loss with some extra slippage. the broker gave me an extra loss…

AUDUSD Content
①Sentiment trend reversal to bearish
②1ⅮTrend Down
③Pattern Analysis Sell➯Breakdown 1D UPtrend then Retest!⇒ ORDER★ 
※Other Factors

I got cut loss after breakout on monday then went down fall..


If  my English is a little off  please tell me how to say things more naturally. or If  you want to ask me anything , leave a comment below.
I would love your opinion or different analysis.:)
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