I closed some orders that I opened a week before. Other than that, I was just watching most of pairs to pullback.

EURUSD Content
①Sentiment Retest on 4hH (bearish untill breakout)
②1ⅮTrend UP
③Pattern Analysis Sell➯ If breakdown UP trend& lower DayL 
Buy➯If breakout 4hH and retest
※Other factors
GBPUSD Content
①Sentiment Bearish but trying for 4hH
②1Ⅾ Trend UP
③Paattern Analysis Sell➯ breakdown UP+ DayL&Retest 
Buy➯If breakout on 4hH and trend reversal 
※Other Factors No?
USDJPY Content
①Sentiment bearish?
②1Ⅾ Trend range
③Pattern Analysis Sell➯if breakdown dayL
Buy➯if breakout 4hH
※Other Factors watch out for intervention
AUDUSD Content
①Sentiment bearish
②1ⅮTrend Down
③Pattern Analysis Sell➯Breakdown UPtrend & DayL then Retest!⇒ ORDER★ 
※Other Factors

If  my English is a little off  please tell me how to say things more naturally. or If  you want to ask me anything , leave a comment below.
I would love your opinion or different analysis.:)
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