I ended up getting Cut Loss at wicks after waiting for an entry for a whole week till weekend. This week was bad..

EURUSD Content
①Sentiment Bearish
Retesting for a whole week
②1ⅮTrend UP
③Pattern Analysis Sell➯Breakdown 1ⅮUP and  Breakdown DayL ⇒Order★
Buy➯If breakout 4hH line and retest
※Other factors US Unemployment Rate
GBPUSD Content
①Sentiment Bearish
②1Ⅾ Trend DOWN
③Paattern Analysis Sell➯After entry, it got cut loss at wicks then fell down…
※Other Factors US Unemployment Rate
USDJPY Content
①Sentiment Bullish
②1Ⅾ Trend Down(Triangled)
③Pattern Analysis Sell➯No
Buy➯After an order, it got cut loss at wick then went up
※Other Factors US Unemployment Rate
AUDUSD Content
①Sentiment Trend reversal to bullish⇒then bearish again?
②1ⅮTrend Down then up then fell?
③Pattern Analysis Sell➯?
※Other Factors not sure what’s going on…so just watch

If  my English is a little off  please tell me how to say things more naturally. or If  you want to ask me anything , leave a comment below.
I would love your opinion or different analysis.:)

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